Monday, December 14, 2015

Invader 1

Invader is a world-famous artist, who works exclusively in the medium of small ceramic tiles. Recently, he's been working in New York City, including (naturally!) in the East Village!

East Villagers love street artists — even more, they love liberating the work of street artists!

At the corner of First Avenue and East 4th Street, above the beloved Guayoyo, is a mosaic of Woody Allen, half liberated:

Woody Allen, half liberated.

Here is a close-up:


It's hard to know why the liberator stopped where he did, or why he didn't liberate the edge pieces at the top. It's also hard to know if he labelled the pieces, so he could reassemble the mosaic at home.

East Villagers are hopeful that Invader will return to fix the mosaic. This time, he should put up a sign that says:
Please Do Not Steal My Mosaic. Thank You!
You can't mince words with East Villagers Today!

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