Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas Corner

There was a time when the corner of First Avenue and East 1st Street was an eyesore — no one would have thought of selling Christmas trees in front of it!

Now, due to the beloved Mars Bar closing, and the beloved TD Bank opening, it's safe for holiday revellers to stroll past, and even purchase a Christmas Tree:

Strolling past the beloved TD Bank.

Not only can you purchase a tree from this corner, but you can even purchase one named after a famous celebrity! Here are some examples:

John [sic] Snow, and Gandalf.

Lieutenant Dan, and more!

The thing about Christmas trees named after famous celebrities is that you need to leave the sign hanging around it once you get it home, so people will know who it's named after! Guess which tree I bought?!

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  1. > Guess which tree I bought?!

    the super giant one, where you had to cut a hole in the ceiling so the tree would fit in your apt.?