Monday, November 16, 2015


East Villagers love to speed headlong into the future, but sometimes they like to stop and reminisce.

That seems to be happening more frequently for one person, who has taken to scrawling 30-year-old slogans on lampposts and newspaper boxes:

Newspaper box.

…and hanging up signs that used to be hung up in the mid-1980s, like these that I saw this morning, on Avenue C and East 5th Street:

Mid-1980s signs.

Here is a horizontal close-up:

Horizontal close-up.

If you're wondering, it's no easier to read in person!

Here's a vertical close-up:

Vertical close-up.

The signs and the inverted martini glass with the line through the spilling contents were those of a band called Missing Foundation. You can find their songs on YouTube!

East Villagers know that change is cyclical — these cycles do not come back exactly to where they started; they don't make a perfect circle. Instead, change is evolutionary, moving in a spiral. Which is to say that it is not 1985 any more, and no one will respond to calls to mug yuppies, or not act "civilized".

But there's always reminiscing!

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