Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mug A Yuppie

Thirty years ago, before most people were even born, the East Village was a dangerous neighborhood! Almost no one lived here!

A few people who did live here were "anarchists". They lived in abandoned buildings, and made trouble for everyone else.

They used to graffiti on everything with their markers and spray paint. One thing they wrote was "Mug A Yuppie".

Of course, they didn't do the mugging themselves — they just endorsed the idea!

Recently, someone has been reminiscing about that time, and has taken to graffit-ing this slogan again. Yesterday, as I was walking up Avenue B, I saw this lamppost:

Graffitied lamppost.

They probably wrote "Free Kim Davis" too! She did defy the government, after all!

V for Vendetta!

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