Monday, November 9, 2015

Mosaic Trail Update

I was walking up Avenue A yesterday, when I noticed a recent addition to the mosaic on the lamppost on the park side of St. Mark's Place — East Village celebrities!

Many East Village celebrities are very obscure, so even I don't know all of them!

This first group has Ray Alvarez, famous for being the owner of the beloved Ray's Candy Store (top right, under the dog):

The only one I know here is Shawn Chittle, famous for being a commenter on a local blog (bottom right):

What's this?! Noooo!

Once again, I am honored — honored! — to be honored on the Mosaic Trail:

If you know who some of the other celebrities are, leave a comment!

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  1. this is the 2nd EVT marker on the mosaic trail, right?

    p.s. double congrats for making the lamp post!


    1. I don't think the Mosaic Man did these though. The tiles are cut instead of broken, and they're printed on. The second picture, at the top, is a tile that says "Hack NY". I think they did this. I think this pole was hacked!

    2. tile kerning!

      you are right - they do not look like MMans style at all. i just assumed that any lamp post tiles must be MMans. i hope they do not cover up MMans tilings.