Sunday, November 8, 2015

East Village Dilemma

For East Villagers standing at the corner of Second Avenue and East 9th Street, who need to go to a local Chase ATM, there is a real dilemma: which branch to use?!

To the left, there is the beloved branch at East 10th Street:

Beloved Chase branch at Second Avenue and East 10th Street.

To the right, there is the beloved branch at St. Mark's Place:

Beloved Chase branch at Second Avenue and St. Mark's Place.

It's like the Rebecca Black song: Which one do I choose?!

However, this dilemma won't exist for much longer — the beloved branch at St. Mark's Place is closing soon:

ATM screen inside beloved St. Mark's Place Chase branch.

The East Village is in danger of becoming an under-served neighborhood!

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  1. Wish it had been the other branch to close on 10th street... the one on St Marks has always been a bank and its a building designed to be a bank, will be interesting to see when they knock it down will they take apart the safe or move/sell [is it even possible?]

    1. Yeah, I with the St. Mark's branch was staying too -- it's closer to home! Also, the St. Mark's branch, before it was a Chase, was a bank that didn't charge ATM fees!