Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wonky Eye

It seems like every post is about murals these days!

You may recall that I wrote about the new mural on the riot gates of the beloved Best Hou ekeeping on Avenue A, first when the original mural was primed over, and then when the new mural was being painted. I even included a video snippet of the work being done!

I passed by the now long-completed mural this past Sunday, and noticed something peculiar. The eyes are wonky:

Wonky eyes.

What's up with this? I wondered, so I took a closer look:

A closer look.

The right eye (on the left side, in the picture) has no sclera — otherwise known as "the white of the eye"!


Maybe the model was stung by a bee and her eye is swollen, like in Animal Crossing – City Folk:

Stung by a bee.

Speedy recovery… from the East Village Today!

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