Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Demise of East Village News

East Village Breaking News is a web site that until about two weeks ago posted articles of local interest. They are part of a larger network called The Breaking News Network, which covers cities across the United States, and the world!

The way it worked was you signed up with them, then when you posted an article on Twitter using the hashtag #EastVillage, they forwarded the tweet and posted the article on their web site. This way, someone looking for news and stories of interest about the East Village could find everything in one convenient location!

Then, disaster struck! Someone in the organization empowered to make such decisions decided that they would eliminate anything of local color, and repost only "news" items, from recognized news sites.

So today, the only stories you find on East Village Breaking News are from three sites: DNAinfo; the Lo-Down; and The Villager. That's it!

Only three sites.

I contacted them about this but they did not respond, so today I sent this:

Tweet to East Village Breaking News.

East Villagers are sad — sad! — at this recent development… in the East Village Today!

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  1. sounds like they are going the way of the patch (patch dot com).