Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Helium Canister

There's a funny story behind this video!

I saw a red canister in the trash can at the corner of Avenue A and East 6th Street, and I wanted to take a picture of it. There were two people waiting to cross the street, who were blocking my view of it, so I waited.

The light changed and they moved, but when they did, the two you will see in the video stepped into the frame, so I continued waiting.

You will not believe what happened next:

He put his mouth on the nozzle! There were probably germs on it!

This is why canisters should be disposed of properly… in the East Village Today!

#eastvillage #avenuea #6thstreet #trashcans #helium


  1. too bad you did not record the audio - they were probably speaking funny from inhaling the helium. unless that music IS the audio? :-)

    anyway, their lips were not on there for more than five seconds, so the 5 second rule applies.


    1. Ha! The 5-second rule!

      I did record the audio — the helium was pretty depleted so the effect was minimal. Here's the link to the video with audio: https://youtu.be/HPkq6RFf-1Q

    2. the real audio is funnier!

      is that hissing sound coming from the helium canister?


    3. Yes, the hissing is the escaping helium!

    4. :-) i am surprised the whole neighborhood wasn't talking funny! :-)


    5. Ha! Maybe that's why there was so little gas left in the canister!