Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Samuel Sullivan Cox – The Letter Carrier's Friend

Of all the places people come to the East Village from, Ohio is probably the best known and best loved. I could easily devote an entire blog to notable East Village Ohioans! (Maybe Ohioans are why the East Village is so cool?!)

One such Ohioan is Samuel Sullivan Cox, born in Zanesville (population: 25,435 — Saaa-lute!)

Cox was known as "the letter carrier's friend", because of his support for paid benefits and a 40-hour work week for U.S. Post Office employees. In gratitude, postal workers raised $10,000 in 1891 to erect a statue to Cox in Tompkins Square Park!

This is that statue:


Here is the plaque, on the plinth:

Plaque, on the plinth.

Samuel Sullivan Cox… Saaa-lute!

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