Friday, September 4, 2015


When people think of rats, they either think of cute little white creatures that live in laboratories and work to make all our lives better, or they think of evil, venomous things that dash about wildly, making everyone scream and run for safety!

In the East Village, rats are of the second variety.

I saw this the other day, when walking through Tompkins Square Park:

Food dragged to rat hole.

You can't really see what the rat was eating in that picture, so I took another:

What the rat was eating.

My psychic-detective abilities tell me that an evil, venomous rat dashed wildly up to someone who was sitting on a park bench, eating their order of Vegetarian Delight. The person screamed and ran for safety, leaving the food behind, whereupon the rat dragged the abandoned tray to its hole, left it at the entrance (since it wouldn't fit inside), and sat behind it, safely gorging itself!

The ill-gotten gains of rats… in the East Village Today!

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