Wednesday, September 9, 2015

East 10th Street Closed

This is sort of late, but that doesn't matter — this is not a news blog, but an East Village coolness blog!

I was walking down Second Avenue the other day, and saw this sign outside the beloved Chase, on East 10th Street:

E. 10th Street will be closed.

This is the street in question:

The street in question.

When I got to the end of the block, I saw the area of concern:

Area of concern.

Behind the fence was a large pit, with a ladder:

Large pit with ladder.

This is what a building looks like, beneath the sidewalk:

Building beneath sidewalk.

There were a lot of pipes. This is a picture taken through a pipe:

Picture taken through pipe.

Here's another, from the other end:

The other end.

Making a better East Village for everyone… Today!

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  1. archeological excavation?

    p.s. i like the 'definiteness' of the closing sign! :-)


    1. re: Definiteness: Road work has been taken over by the cable company!