Monday, September 14, 2015

East 10th Street Block Fair

It seems like it was only yesterday that I was writing about the beloved East 10th Street Block Fair, and yet it was a year ago!

This past Saturday, the East 10th Street Block Fair was in full swing again:

East 10th Street, in full swing (looking eastward).

There are always lots of black clothes, for the fashionable East Villager:

"What's this white jacket – is Bryan Ferry here?"

East Villagers do love a bargain:

Free Store.

The local jazz band, "taking five":

Taking five.

This t-shirt looks like the Pink Floyd's The Wall hammer insignia, but sideways! It was probably a printing error — maybe he picked it up at the Free Store!

Sideways hammers insignia.

There was a big, empty space where Stuyvesant Street intersected East 10th Street that would have been perfect for a mime:

Big empty, mimeless space.

Someone seems to have taken a hack saw to this guitar:

Guitar hack job.

Pantone swatch books are always a popular gift for the East Village artist:

"How much do you want for this? … One of the 235 chips is missing."

And the East 10th Street Block Fair comes to an end:

At Second Avenue, looking westward.

Goodbye again, until next year!

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