Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Crazy Sign

I was walking down Third Avenue a few weeks ago (I have so many pictures I haven't posted yet!), when I saw this crazy sign taped onto the window of the former location of the beloved St. Mark's Bookshop:

Crazy sign.

"Who's going to take the time to read this?" I thought to myself.

"No one!" I replied.

So for the sake of all of you who did not have time to read this, I did it for you. You didn't miss anything!

Except this:

Non-filled-in "e"s.

Poor letterforms… in the East Village Today!

#eastvillage #stmarksbookshop #thirdavenue #signs #letterforms


  1. i have not seen that style of 'non filled in' typeface in a while, so it looks fresh to me?

    maybe one of the readers of this blog who works at a font foundry can cast that as a new typeface? it should be fairly straight to do - take an outlined helvetica / arial and remove the fill ins on the letters, as needed?


  2. btw, not talking about the signage, that is a great photo - the pink and blue tape catches the eye, and the paper with the reflection peeking out behind it makes you want to tear it off to see what is behind there.