Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Taylor Swift — Official Musician of the East Village

Taylor Swift is not from the East Village, she never lived here, no one knows if she even visited — all of which makes her the perfect official musician. The East Village has always been steered by outsiders!

So, in my capacity as arbiter of coolness in the East Village, I designate Taylor Swift the Official Musician of the East Village!

Here is a song of hers, to celebrate the occasion:

She even plays the banjo — how cool is that?!

I designate the banjo the official instrument of the East Village… Today!

#eastvillage #taylorswift #youbelongwithme #banjo


  1. not sure where to put this, so I might as well share it here - you can define exactly where the EV is.

    of course, a million other people are doing it as well, so the aggregate may not match reality?

    p.s. feel free to save the url for a rainy day, or walking tour?


  2. I saw that — I think I was the first person to draw a map! Thanks for the link!

  3. from the community gardens site , the EV boundaries:

    The area is bounded by 14th Street on the North, by Houston Street on the south, by the Bowery/Third Avenue on the west, and by Avenue D on the east.

    :-) so the park and the east river are 'out of bounds'? :-)


    1. I think it's that there's no gardens east of Avenue D. The official East Village Today boundary goes to the river!