Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sleep-Overers Graffiti Joe Strummer Mural

East Villagers love street art — they also love graffiti! So what's better than a mural with graffiti on it?!

This is the beloved Joe Strummer mural on the wall of the beloved Niagara, on Avenue A and East 7th Street, graffiti'd Sunday night, August 9:

Beloved Joe Strummer mural, with graffiti.

Here is a close-up of the graffiti:

Close-up of the graffiti.

My psychic-detective abilities tell me that a malcontented sleep-overer — and anarchist! — scrawled this. My psychic-detective abilities also tell me that this was not the result of being refused service!

Not good enough for A-in-a-circle… in the East Village Today!

#eastvillage #7thstreet #avenuea #niagara #sleepover #tompkinssquarepark


  1. i like the 'not good enough' comment. :-)


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