Friday, July 31, 2015

Trash (and Vaudeville)

I was walking down Third Avenue last night, when I saw a young woman deposit Trash in the trash can. A shopping bag from the beloved Trash and Vaudeville, to be more precise!

Trash (and Vaudeville) in the trash.

For those who don't know, the beloved Trash and Vaudeville is the coolest store on the coolest block in all the East Village — everyone who lives here buys their clothes from this store!

Unrelated to this, sources tell me that the beloved Trash and Vaudeville is moving… to East 7th Street! St. Mark's Place coolness is bursting at the seams — the coolest street is about to become the coolest two streets!

It's almost too much to comprehend… in the East Village Today!

(By the way, do you notice the similarity between the beloved Trash and Vaudeville's color, and East Village Today's? Birds of a feather…)

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