Tuesday, July 7, 2015

T Minus 9 Hours and 19 Minutes

I passed by the beloved Vazac's this morning, where preparations are underway for tonight's shooting of A.K.A Jessica Jones, complete with one-time simulated explosion, an air cannon with debris, and atmospheric smoke and/or fog!

This is what I was trying to get a better shot of last night, that I thought might be components of the one-time simulated explosion:

Components of…

I think I figured it out, though. I think this is a component of the air cannon with debris.

Here is what I think will happen: the one-time simulated explosion will occur inside the beloved Vazac's. It very well may not include sound, since that can be added later, but it certainly would be cool if it does! At some point, these air cannons will fire their debris. This might not occur simultaneously — again, this can by synched-up in editing.

The atmospheric smoke and/or fog will be constant, I'd guess, otherwise it wouldn't be atmospheric! The weather calls for isolated to scattered thunderstorms this evening. That'll certainly add to the atmosphere!

East Villagers are sure to be out in number tonight!

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