Sunday, July 12, 2015

Jennifer Cafe Outdoor Seating

Back in November, I wrote about the beloved Jennifer Cafe, on East 4th Street, a small protuberance from the outside wall of the beloved Guayoyo, a Venezuelan restaurant on the corner of First Avenue.

Jennifer Cafe now has outdoor seating:

Outdoor seating.

This is very special seating, too: your mouth is at the same level as the food, eliminating the necessity of having to lift your fork!

East Villagers love to conserve energy!

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  1. :-) i keep having this mental image of someone sitting there, the plate at lip level, shoveling food into their mouth. :-)


    1. I almost wrote that: "shoveling food into their mouth"! The way these stools are positioned, you could even put your mouth *below* counter-level, for those last few bites!