Saturday, July 11, 2015


This is the end of the A.K.A. Jessica Jones material, for now! I hope you enjoyed this little foray into every-day life in the East Village, with its celebrities and explosions and such! I mean, how often does something this cool happen? OK, every day, it's true, but it was still fun!

Here are a few remaining pictures:

Lucy and Desi,

Krysten Ritter's and Mike Colter's (I found out; not David Tennant's) trailers. Last time, you may recall, they used the names Ralph and Alice! Last time, their doors had stairs too!

The beloved Vazac's door is replaced:

Exploded door, back in place.

Here is where I sat:

Where I sat.

I sat on the back of the bench, with my feet on the seat, to avoid rats running over the top of them!

Finally, one last look at Krysten Ritter. I took this on East 6th Street, outside her trailer:

Ms. Krysten Ritter.

I think this was the first time I ever took a picture of someone I didn't know without trying to disguise the fact that I was taking their picture! And she smiled!

East Villagers love smiles!

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  1. this ''behind 'behind the scenes' is even cooler than 'behind the scenes'.


    1. Thanks! I think photos, rather than video, helps!

    2. in this case, yes - photos better than video.