Tuesday, June 2, 2015


A few short days ago, I took a picture of a Post-It note fixed to the door of the Vella Market, on East 4th Street. In that picture, you can see part of the building next door, and you can see that it's empty.

But it's empty no more! I passed by there again this past Saturday afternoon, and discovered this:

A new art gallery.

East Villagers love art galleries — there are some who believe that before the art galleries appeared, the East Village was just a swirling mass of gas and dust!

Be that as it may, this gallery is called "VolaVida", which means: "VolaLife". The space is empty now, but at their grand opening on June 4, it will be full of East Village art glitterati!

Maybe your friends will be among them… in the East Village Today!

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