Friday, June 5, 2015

The Art Dealer

I was walking down Second Avenue the other evening, when I saw this array of art for sale on the sidewalk near East 7th Street:

Art dealer.

Being something of an art aficionado, I stopped to take a picture. There was a napkin on the ground that would have been in the picture, so I moved it with my foot into the street. If you've ever tried to move a napkin with your foot, you know they don't move smoothly, so it took a few attempts to get it out of my way. The art dealer sat watching me.

Once I had the shot the way I wanted it — sans litter! — I aimed my camera. The art dealer shook his head and said "No pictures." I nodded my head, and continued framing the shot, as he stood up.

A short and mostly civil conversation ensued, which included him calling me a vampire and putting a curse on me!

There's never a dull moment… in the East Village Today!

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  1. eat something garlicky and hope you get yourself unhexed!


    1. You know, this was not the first time a hex was put on me — it happened back in the late 80s also! Somehow, I attract superstitious (and vindictive) people.

  2. Hmmmm, this explains a lot

    1. You're right! It does!

      (What were you referring to?)