Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Living on Upper Avenue A

People have asked me, they've said: "Hey East Village Today, have you lived anywhere else in the East Village than where you live now?"

And I tell them: "Why yes, I have!"

Many years ago, I lived on upper Avenue A, between East 13th and 14th Streets. Here is a picture of the hallway I used to call my own:

The hallway I used to call my own.

If you look all the way back through the back door, you will see bars on windows of a building behind the hallway-building. That building is the one where I lived! Here's a close-up:


I lived on the second floor. Some crazy guy with Frankenstein boots, who looked like he was always on drugs, lived above me. He was one of those East Villagers who didn't speak or make eye contact. He used to stomp up the stairs at 2:00am and rev up his power tools!

I bet he was an artist!

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