Friday, June 5, 2015

Distressed Cool Old Pickup Truck

It's been quite a while since I saw the beloved cool old pickup truck, and where did I find it? On St. Mark's Place, in front of Big Steve's Fun City, cappuccino and tattoo emporium, where it sat almost all Winter! (It's pretty remarkable that the owner was able to get this parking spot again!)

Cool old pickup truck outside Big Steve's Fun City.

It's starting to look the worse for wear, too — it looks like the owner is having a hard time fitting the nozzle into the gas tank:

Fuel stripping the paint.

Just like the buildings and the people, everything corrodes… in the East Village Today!

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  1. they must be using acid gas in the truck! :-) :-)

    there is a style of customizing that involved artificially distressing old cars, to make them look even older? like in this case, they could have used some sand paper or a grinder, and take off enough of the red paint to make it look like they were sloppy gas pourers and the gas has eaten away the paint. unless that red paint is really, really cheap, normal car paint would not eat away the paint, and, if it did , probably not like that.

    you may want to check some of your images from the other photo sessions of the red truck to see if that 'stripping' was there?

    p.s. nice to see the red truck again!


    1. It's definitely worse than it has been, although, looking back at earlier shots, it was never great. I might have to do a retrospect on this!

  2. > normal car paint would not eat away the paint

    I meant that leaking gas would not eat away normal car paint.


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