Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Avenue A Farmers Market

This past Sunday, I took a stroll past the beloved Avenue A farmers market, on Avenue A. I needed to buy some tomatoes. These looked pretty good:

Good-looking tomatoes.

$5.00 a pound?! That's crazy!

I looked around a bit more, and saw these radishes:

Radishes (and other stuff).

I love radishes — but then I saw the price:

The price of radishes.

$4.00 a bunch?! That's crazy!

Needless to say, I didn't buy any vegetables here. I went to Key Food, where both items were half of what the farmers charged! Also, they had a sale that day on pickles — I bought an 80-ounce jar for — brace yourself — $4.00! Cucumbers at the farmers market were $1.00 each!

East Villagers love saving money! (And pickles!)

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  1. who has ripe tomatoes in june? they are either from a green house, or , from away.


  2. the eighty ounces of pickles - i like to add additional spices to them, to make them more flavorful. more garlic, dill, black pepper, caraway, coriander - okay, not all of those at once, but whichever to make a custom flavor. once all the pickles are gone, i might throw in some hard boiled eggs (shelled, of course) in the juice and let them go for a week or so.


    1. The hard-boiled eggs sounds like a great idea! My grandfather (and me, copying him) used to put pickle juice on his cabbage, instead of vinegar, as some people do.

  3. pickle juice on cabbage - that sounds yummy! i am going to try that.