Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Back in late April, I discovered the chemistry van.

This past Sunday, I was walking across St. Mark's Place, when I saw it again, with new additions:

New additions.

A 4.72x10^14 EV expression, and a spermatozoon — I'm sure this symbolizes something important, I just don't know what!

I'm also sure that the expression should be 4.72x10^-14, since 4.72x10^14 would be an extremely large number, and would make no sense in chemistry, whereas 4.72x10^-14, even though an extremely small number, does make sense. For instance (as everyone knows), 4.72x10^-48 kg (an even smaller number!), is the moment of inertia of a hydrogen molecule!

The "EV" is just for the East Village… Today!

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