Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Theo. Wolinnin Inc.

What do you get when you mix flour with formaldehyde? I'm not sure, but you can probably find out here, on East 7th Street:

Butter Lane Bakery.

"What's that plaque on the wall?" you ask? Here is a close-up:


This sign is hard to read, even when you're standing next to it. It says "Theo. Wolinnin Inc. Licensed Undertaker"!

If you believe in ghosts, as East Villagers do, you might expect this place to be haunted! That would explain the popularity of the boo-berry cupcakes with butter scream frosting!

But seriously, someone needs to take care of this sign. I'm pretty sure that's not bird poop on it, but it looks like it.

Yours until the undertaker undertakes to take you under…in the East Village Today!

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  1. some more info about the plaque and business here:



  2. more here, at the bottom and in the comments: http://vanishingnewyork.blogspot.ca/2008/02/7th-street-clearance.html