Saturday, May 30, 2015

Disaster Tourism

People are, no doubt, familiar with the fire on Second Avenue that burned down four buildings back in late March. It was a terrible fire, and pointed out the danger so many people face in the East Village, as the tenement buildings age.

Things have returned to normal for those who were not displaced, and that means tour busses are starting to include the site on their routes. These pictures are from yesterday evening:

Tour bus at fire site.

People lined up outside the beloved B&H Restaurant for some dairy food:

Cheese blintzes, anyone?

Meanwhile, others lined up outside the beloved Enz's for the chance to buy some rockabilly clothing:

Move it on over, Stray Cats!

Others took in the plywood poster fence, now behind a chainlink poster fence:

Plywood poster fence behind chainlink poster fence.

Cashing in… in the East Village Today!

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  1. in a way, it is nice that those places are getting the business. in a way, the reason for the touristas being there is, kinda creepy?