Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cool Time

I've been thinking lately of including people in my pictures. What's the point of showing how cool the East Village is, if I don't show people having a good time here?! Eh?

These two women, on First Avenue and East 9th Street, are different heights. In order to see eye-to-eye, the taller one stands in the street while the shorter one stands on the curb:

"Do you think that photographer is from East Village Today?"

Not every picture will show people doing wild and crazy things — sometimes, all you have to do is stand and absorb the coolness, even from a mailbox!

Cool is as cool does… in the East Village Today!

#eastvillage #9thstreet #cool #firstavenue #graffiti #ps122


  1. from the angle at which you tool that photo, the graffiti on the mailbox makes it look two dimensional.


  2. 'tool' s/b 'took'. oops!