Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Prodigal Cool Old Pickup Truck

The cool old pickup truck has been found, on East 12th Street!

The last time it was seen was March 2, after spending a month unmoved from its parking spot on St. Mark's Place! Speculation ran high after that, that its owner had packed up and moved out of the East Village. But here it is again:

Cool old pickup truck on East 12th Street.

The strange thing is that I found myself on 12th Street quite by accident; I even thought to myself "What am I doing here? There's nothing down here." And then, voila!

As you might expect, it has a couple of stylish, new accoutrements, like this rooster crest hanging from the rearview mirror:

Rooster crest and beads.

Also, the last time it was seen, it was sporting a red seat cover. That's gone now, and contrasting seat belts have been added:

Contrasting seat belts.

East Villagers are delighted at the return of the cool old pickup truck, if in fact it was ever really gone. If slaughtering a fatted calf were legal, it would be done. Instead, I'm just going to have a cheeseburger tomorrow for lunch!

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  1. thanks for the update, EVT! i have been wondering what happened to this puppy!

    :-) it looks like it's been driven hard and put away dirty. :-)


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