Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Life Aquatic

Oh a sailor's life is the life for me!
A lot of people think East Villagers are all morose land-lubbers, dressed in black, walking with their heads down, and never leaving the neighborhood. Well I'm here today to smash that misconception!

I was walking across East 5th Street this past Tuesday, when I saw this:

A boat on a trailer.

The fees at the city's marinas are probably high, so this East Villager keeps his boat at home! Plus, being out of water, it won't get barnacles! (But it might collect trash.)

And it's not just fishing boats:

Jet Ski on a trailer.

Whether it's fishing, jet-skiing, deep sea diving, you name it: East Villagers love the water!

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  1. the first one looks like it would make a cool looking convertible car!