Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Future is Written On

Back in September, I wrote about the Joe Strummer mural on East 7th Street at Avenue A. The original mural was ruined during building renovations, and a new one was painted.

East Villagers all agree that the painting doesn't look anything like Joe Strummer, but because they liked his music, they'd tell you they liked the mural too, even if they didn't.

Recently, someone wrote on the mural:

Respect aint free.

That should be "ain't", with an apostrophe!

If someone paints another tribute to old-timers here, I think it should be a man waving a cane, and the caption should be: "Get off my lawn!"

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  1. now that you mention it, that DOES look like the creepy guy that hangs out at east river park all the time.

    or maybe it is joe strummer as an old geezer about to yell about his lawn. :-)


    1. Be careful when you're at East River Park — it's not the East Village, you know!