Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Stage Restaurant

I took this picture of Stage Restaurant, on Second Avenue, back in early January:

Stage Restaurant.

Stage suffers from poor feng shui, being so small and under a fire escape. These days, they suffer from being shut down by the Department of Buildings! It seems someone was tampering with the gas lines, the very situation that led to the explosion and fire across the street from them!

East Villagers love gas lines being worked on by licensed, professional plumbers only!

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  1. the face in the upper right is shouting out: 'a phenomenal...'. :-)

  2. The tampering story is just false and the comment about not using a licensed plumber doesn't help anything. No one has alleged that and the tampering story is just an allegation by their landlord who is trying to evict them. Stage has publicly denied the charges and are fighting them in court. The reason Stage is closed is because they don't have gas service, as with the entire building at present. The landlord is under court order to restore the service. You don't help Stage and its supporters by publishing misleading information.

    1. EvilleDoer, Thanks for your comment. The situation with gas-line tampering is very serious, as we now know. East Villagers are doing their part to put an end to it!