Friday, April 17, 2015

Some Giant Sawhorses

I first noticed the giant sawhorses on East 6th Street last week. I was pedalling my Citibike home from work, when I saw them.

"Those are some giant sawhorses," I thought to myself. I got off my Citibike and took this picture:

Some giant sawhorses.

Blockades are not unusual in the East Village, but they're usually metal, and blockade-shaped, not wood, and sawhorse-shaped.

They were still there last night, as I pedalled home again, but this time they had orange (mostly) stripes painted on them:

Some giant sawhorses with orange (mostly) stripes.

I'll follow up on this in the coming days — when it's warm, and not raining!

#eastvillage #6thstreet


  1. weird saw horses - the legs have 'shoes'?

    p.s. i like how in your am and pm pics, almost the same lights are on in both photos, even though they were taken hours apart!

    p.p.s. the horses were moved between am and pm! and there is a dust path to the front steps - like something was brought in or out of the building?


  2. Good eye, I-) !

    Both shots are from the evening though.

    1. > Both shots are from the evening though.

      that I did not know.

      those photos have a 'physical graffiti' part two feel to them.