Saturday, April 18, 2015

Lord Hamm's

I was walking across East 3rd Street a couple of days ago, when I saw this place, which has to be new, because I don't think I've ever seen it before:

Lord Hamm's.

When I see the name Hamm's, I think of the poem I knew as a kid:
From the Land of Sky Blue Waters,
From the land of pines' lofty balsams,
Comes the beer refreshing,
Hamm's the beer refreshing.

Hamm's — The beer refreshing!

Be sure to stop in and say "Hey ya"!

#eastvillage #3rdstreet #lordhamms


  1. schaefer, is the, one beer to have, when you're having, more than one!

    more here, with chords!


    1. How did I not see this until now?! I'm going to dust off the old 6-string tonight!