Monday, April 13, 2015

Cigarette Price War — Day 116

It's Day 116 in the Avenue A Cigarette Price War, and the competition shows no sign of letting up!

I walked by the competing stores this morning on my way to work, and saw that Avenue A Classic Food, the newcomer cigarette-price upstart, had removed their cigarette price sign:

Cigarette price sign removed.

It was only eleven short days ago that their sign advertised their new low price — now, nothing.

Ray's Candy Store, directly next door, still has no sign up, since taking theirs down sign last December:

Cigarette signless since December.

That leaves Kasadoro (formerly Sahara) Deli-Grocery as the only store on this block advertising cigarettes, and they've come down $0.50!

Cigarettes $12.00.

Where will it end?! Stay tuned… to the East Village Today!

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