Sunday, March 29, 2015

When Gas Stations are Deserted

There was a gas station on the corner of East Houston Street and Avenue C that was deserted some time ago:

Deserted gas station.

Well, it's not actually deserted, it's just not a gas station any more.

However, when they moved out their belongings, someone forgot to take these shrubs:

Abandoned shrubs.

One of them, as you can see, did not survive.

The unintended consequences of change… in the East Village Today.

(This is my first-ever post with no exclamation points!)

#eastvillage #houstonstreet #avenuec #gasstations


  1. that looks like at the corner of 7th and 2nd.

    p.s. sorry, in a droll mood from looking at 2nd and 7th too much.