Saturday, March 7, 2015

Rickety Old Fence Gone From East 9th Street West Virginia Building

Stop the press!

I almost didn't walk down East 9th Street this morning. I wanted to see if the cool old pickup truck was back home yet, and I saw right away that it wasn't. But I didn't want to backtrack to First Avenue, so I continued down 9th Street, where I saw this:

The rickety old fence is gone!

The rickety old fence is gone!

For those new to the East Village today, this is what this building has looked like almost since the beginning of time:

West Virginia building with rickety old fence (taken back in November).

Who is responsible for this, I wondered? The answer was immediately obvious:

IA sign fastened to window bars.

It's IA, otherwise knows as Interior Alterations.

First, they removed the rickety old gate and fixed the broken concrete steps, now they removed the rickety old fence. I mean, there's really no reason to call it the East 9th Street West Virginia building any more!

I wonder what they have in mind to do with the space?!

My mission to restore the East Village to its once-pristine glory continues!

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  1. did they replace the ROF with the RIF? or was the RIF always there, hidden behind the ROF?

    p.s. RIF = rusty iron fence.

    p.p.s it is kind of hard to tell from the photos, as they are only 600px. would it be possible to ask the chief blogeteer to post bigger photos? this is a photo blog and it would be nice to see the images in their full glory, when clicked on covering all the real estate on at least one of the three monitors in front of me, if not two or three - that would happen with panoramas, of course.

    they could upload huge photos, but tell the blog to continue to display them in the 600px size so blog corporate identity and style is maintained, while allowing blogees to click on the images and revel in their awesomisity.


  2. The rusty iron fence was there the whole time!

    I'll check into the larger picture thing, too.

  3. deep archeology - if the rusty iron fence was there all along, does that mean that it is original to the site? so putting in the rickety old fence was actually a modernization of the site?

    either way, the ROF added a certain air to that building.


  4. i like that iron work that is peeking in at the left side of the phirst foto.