Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Preserving the Past

East Villagers love to preserve the past, unaltered.

The Native Bean (not to be confused with The Bean) is a popular coffee shop on Avenue A. They used to be at another location on Avenue A, but now they're here.

The previous establishment was Angelina Cafe, another popular cafe that closed and left behind their awning.

Keeping with the local preservationist philosophy, The Native Bean left the awning in place, and tacked their own sign onto it:

Native Bean sign on abandoned awning.

If The Native Bean moves again, and a new business opens here, they will put their sign over The Native Bean's, and everyone will remember that The Native Bean was once here, before Angelina Cafe. And before that… it was a swamp!

The clock stops here… in the East Village Today!

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  1. so what is under the angelina cafe awning? is there a store sign on the building wall?


  2. I'm pretty sure if anything was there before, it was a wooden shack in a swamp. Before that, just the swamp. The timeline would be: creation of the universe --> swamp --> shack --> building --> fossilized building --> Angelina Cafe --> The Native Bean.