Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Places That Are Closed

As you know, I like to take pictures of the insides of buildings — when the doors are open, through windows, anything legal and ethical!

Unfortunately, I don't always remember where I was when I took a picture. These are two of them.

February 28:

Inside some place I don't remember.

March 7:

Inside some other place I don't remember.

Well, they're in the East Village — does anything else matter?!

#eastvillage #inside #closed


  1. the thing with shooting empty places is that the windows are dirty. i carry a tissue and discreetly clean the window where i am going to place the camera lens. or, i try to clean up the haze in post, but it is easier to clean the glass.


    1. Ha! That's great! I've started using my phone camera for through-glass pictures. The quality is not as good, but I eliminate reflections/glare that way. And it minimizes the dirty-glass look, since that's mostly reflection off grime anyway.