Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Peas, Corn, Strawberries, and Snakes

I was walking down East 4th Street this evening, when I saw these paintings hanging from the fence at El Jardin del Paraiso:


The wind was blowing pretty strong, so it wasn't easy to get pictures of them still. But I managed:


I guess there aren't any clever homonyms for corn!


The woman with the circular saw was sawing wood that was then being stacked with pine branches in censers behind her. I guess I should have taken a picture of them! I asked if they were going to light them on fire, and was told "Yes, they're going to jump over them."

I saw one of the people I recognized from the tree funeral this past Summer, so what I think is that this is some kind of anti-St. Patrick's Day celebration designed to bring the snakes back to Ireland — or at least to the East Village!

East Villagers love snakes!

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