Friday, March 6, 2015

Pardon My l'Scribble

East Villagers love French food. French fries, French toast, French's yellow mustard, you name it… if it's French, the answer is a resounding "Oui, oui!"

That's why East Villagers are so excited about this new French restaurant opening on Avenue B, where Casimir, another French restaurant, recently closed:

Pardon My… Chevron.

It's called Pardon My… something. Pardon My Scribbly Line:

Close-up of scribbly line.

The last restaurant here was not ADA-compliant. I hope this place puts in a wheelchair ramp, or as they say in French: l'ramp wheelchair!

#eastvillage #pardonmyfrench #avenueb

1 comment:

  1. pardon my = pardonnez moi. you have to say it fast, and pronounce the 'm' and 'y' = pardon em why