Thursday, March 19, 2015

Movie Shoot at Nino's

Now that the temperature has risen a bit, and the snow has melted, it's not just street artists that are awakening from their hibernation, but film makers too!

I was walking down Avenue A this evening when I saw all of this lighting equipment outside Nino's, a popular pizza restaurant at the corner of St. Mark's Place:

Lighting equipment outside Nino's.

This film project must have a large budget, to be able to pay Nino's for the use of the restaurant during the dinner hour!

I looked inside to see if I recognized anyone famous:

Famous actress inside Nino's?

Is she famous? Do you recognize her? Do you recognize anyone? Let me know in the Comments Section!

Everywhere you go in the East Village, you're bound to brush up against someone almost famous!

(A funny story about Nino's: A few years ago, their pizza was very expensive. People used to complain about the price. Finally, Nino put up a sign that said "Do Not Complain About the Price of Pizza!" After that, people complained about the sign, then about the price! Finally, Nino lowered the price. True story!)

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