Wednesday, March 11, 2015

East Village Eye

Before I post tonight's main story, I have to say something. I am generally a humble person, but when something is true, it's true!

I have a knack for recognizing what's cool in the East Village!

There, I said it. Now I will explain.

Take a look at these two pictures, that I took on East 7th Street last month, but couldn't think of anything to say about them, other than how cool they were:

When I saw these, I recognized right away how cool they were — solitary, artificial, pink flowers in window boxes, one per box.

I have an eye for this — I should change the name of this blog to East Village Eye!

But it's all of us that make the East Village cool. I didn't put those flowers there, I just recognized them for what they were and took a picture of them.

You know what they say: "There is no I in Eye"!

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