Monday, March 9, 2015

Dog Posters

Since the disappearance of Sugar, the $10,000 dog, at the hands of her walker, dog walkers will need to change the way they present themselves.

Here's an example that I saw this morning, on the corner of Avenue A and East 4th Street:

Bravado dog walking.

Coincidentally enough, this was directly above the newest Sugar poster:

Ten thousand big ones.

The Sugar story put me in mind of Jack London's "The Call of the Wild". What if, when Buck was taken by the gardener, a trusted employee, and sold into servitude to prospectors, there had been a campaign to locate him? The judge certainly had the money; people would have responded to that and searched for Buck. But none of that is mentioned in the book.

These days, every story has a back-story. Better Call Saul! Maybe all we know is the back-story, and the real story is Sugar finding her true nature, not in the wilds of Alaska, but in the East Village Today!

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