Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dangerous Snow

Avenue D is what people think of when they say, for example, "I would never go to the East Village. It's too scary!"

But it's that same thing that draws thrill-seeking people, like with bungee jumping or wrestling alligators.

After the past couple of weeks, the East Village is full of snow/ice piles. Most of them are dangerous, but some are especially dangerous. This pile, at the corner of Avenue D and East 9th Street, is one of them:

Dangerous snow pile, with snow cones.

This pile of snow is so dangerous that it was necessary to put not one, but two(!) cones beside it, to keep people from getting too close and injuring themselves.

Avenue D is the East Village Today.

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  1. is that snow and ice? from here (meaning at my terminal), it looks like rubble.