Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Trip Up The Bowery

Yesterday, I was walking around the East Village, as usual, when I thought to myself "I haven't been over to The Bowery in a while." So I went.

The Bowery is a fun place! There are lots of things to see there:

Bowery 7-Eleven store.

East Villagers love the convenience and low prices offered by the local 7‑Eleven — and they never close!

Walking up a little more, I found myself at St. Mark's Place, where I saw this demolished car:

Demolished car.

The street is pretty demolished too — even those bicycles to the side of the car are demolished!

From convenience to demolition, the Bowery has everything… in the East Village Today!


  1. as the snow melts... more and more artifacts from the recent ice age come to light!