Thursday, February 26, 2015

Why Bing is Better Than Google

If you do a Google search for "East Village Today" this blog is not listed.

The top link is to a blog that was once part of the New York Times, called The Local, that stopped posting in May of 2013. The second link is to Time Out. Then Wikipedia, The Local's Facebook page, my Twitter page, DNAInfo, Curbed, Yelp, AirBnb, and FlavorWire. The next page starts with the Village Voice, then Psychology Today! It goes on and on without ever listing this blog. And Google owns Blogger!


Bing, on the other hand, has this blog first — as it should be!


So, use Bing, if you want to know what's happening… in the East Village Today!

#eastvillage #bing #google


  1. i get here by googling 'eastvillagetoday blog' and EVT turns up in the top several.


    1. What?! You don't have it bookmarked?!

      I'm just concerned for the people out there in the world who don't know about this blog yet, who think "I wonder what's happening in the East Village today?" and type that into their google search field!

    2. i am not sure which is harder - look through a bunch of bookmarks to find a favorite site, or, type in a phrase and make the search engines chug and get site recognition as a byproduct? i prefer to make them work for it. :-)

      i see what you mean about bing versus google search results - weird that they would be so different in their results.


  2. if you google 'east village today blog', you're no. 2.