Sunday, February 15, 2015

The View from the Local NYSC

There's only 15 more days until the grand opening of the New York Sports Club on Avenue A! Fifteen days! East Villagers are beside themselves with excitement!

So you might be wondering to yourself: I'm sure the equipment will all be new, and the staff very helpful, but what sort of view is there from the top floor?

Well, East Village Today has special behind-the-scenes access to these types of things, and so I present to you… all the westerly views you could ask for:

Southwesterly view.

Westerly view.

Northwesterly view.

You might be thinking: That's very nice, but I can't look be looking at scenery when I'm pumping iron! Well, you don't have to — this is the view from the stationary-bike room!

There you have it… more great news from the East Village Today!

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  1. i did not realize that, as a blogger, you had such access! cool views, too!


    1. Oh yes, East Village Today is everywhere!

      There's nothing like blue skies and clouds!

  2. Yea not photoshopped at all!