Saturday, February 21, 2015

Recycling Food

A couple of days ago, I passed by this table on East 1st Street just in from First Avenue:

Food recycling table, in the cold.

East Villagers love to recycle! They'll recycle anything: pineapples, apple cores, pears, bagels, banana peels, used tea bags, carrot tops, egg shells, half-eaten pretzels, croissants, orange peels… you name it!

You're probably wondering what these food scraps must look like, so I took a picture:

Recycled food, in plastic bags.

It might not seem conducive to recycling, putting recyclable food into plastic bags, but how else are you going to get it to the recycling table?

Now that I know this is here, I'm going to do my part and start recycling my food scraps. I have a couple of pork chop bones I'm going to take over today!

See you there… in the East Village Today!

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